By J.D. Moor

Well let me just tell ya this story here right away
Of what is a cowboy and how he spends his day
He may spend it ridin horses some broke and some green
Or workin with the cattle or workin on machines
He may be out fixin the fence way out back
Or sittin in the tack room repairing some tack

He cares for his living for none would he trade
To change this lifestyle or the choices he made
The outdoors is his office and for that he is glad
And being a cowboy just ain't that darn bad

He lives by the morals by which he was raised
And by some he is scorned and others he's praised
Sure you may understand him but most folks they don't
And to really get to know him well most folks they won't

He'll keep to himself and he likes it that way
And he'll just thank the Lord when he rises each day
See he's not in it for glory or getting rich quick,
He's in it for the lifestyle that he has picked

So when you see a cowboy in your travels one day
Tip your hat and smile and a kind word do say
For we really ain't much different from most folk you see
Just the size of our office and the fact we are free

Copyright 1998